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Credit Restoration Specialist


Case studies:

#1) In March of this year a client applied for a loan for a no money down Mass Housing FHA mortgage.The program has a minimum credit score requirement of 640 and my client had a score of 631.Made one minor adjustment to his report, and was able to re-score his credit and less than a month later he was at 645.Roughly 2 months after he initially applied he closed on a home for $395,000

#2.) A client wanted to buy a home as his rent payments were getting out of control and he wanted to be in his own home before his lease ended in August.He had gone through a divorce and had some deep credit issues with scores in the low 600’s.I enrolled him in Fairway’s Credit repair program called Creditool and in 6 months’ time, he was closing on a home.Creditool is free to all clients of Fairway and can work very well.In this case, my client reached out in plenty of time to get things in order so once his lease was up, he was in a good spot credit wise with a score of 665 and qualified for a 3.5% down payment loan option.

#3) My Client was paying $2,200 per month in rent and thought she would never be able to buy a home.While the monthly payment for rent was easily affordable for her, it didn’t allow her the chance to save for a down payment.We sat and I showed her some programs and she ended up with a no money down Mass Housing loan and closed on her condo with a total of $611 out of pocket.

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